Totally need oriented designed.

“I can not teach you anything, I can only give you thought.”

We have adopted this promise of the famous thinker Sokrates, who is the father of the coaching-based education model, as the main target in our trainings.

We carry out the needs analysis of the training together. We do the following steps when doing so.

  • In order for your company to reach its goals, you need to know what jobs
  • To what extent do you expect your colleagues to behave in order to do the job better,
  • What competencies they need to demonstrate the required behavior
  • How we can make those competencies available to them

we analyze and plan together.

In order to provide the emotional and behavioral transformation required of our friends who participate in our trainings, we design trainings supported by coaching and drama tools that participants participate interactively.
We consider your goals you want to achieve to be our own goals, and we design our trainings as a supportive way to the goal