Team Coaching

  Does your team have a common dream?

Team Coaching   assist to bring this dream out


your team achieving great success.

What it aims

Team Coaching assist all the working groups to reach the highest level of their “team” potential.

How it works

Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) tools, certified by the International Coaching Federation, are used. Through the technical technique of the ORSC, the “relationship system” between the team members is defined. Team Coach demonstrates this relationship system exactly to the team members. The team itself decides what the relationship is like, what it needs, what needs to be done differently.

What it gives

It is a small step in the way of being a team, even if there are long-term collaborations and friendship-based relationships. With the expression of Aristotle noun; “Confidence is necessary when things get involved.” In an authentic sense, to be a “team,” there must be an atmosphere in which the rules are written by members, where there are conflicts based on evidence. All the tools needed to supply this environment are in ORSC vehicles.

How it is done

Generally, they consist of 4 sessions each of 3 hours. Before the sessions, the team’s thoughts are taken with a simple open-ended question set. The first session is a session in which the relationship between the members is materialized, all the voices forming the team are listened to, the needs of the relationship and the change requests are identified. Other sessions proceed according to their needs and the agenda is determined by the team. The number of sessions can be increased according to the need.

Its principles

  • In team coaching, the client is the “relationship system”, not the members.
  • The relationship contains an intelligence and creativity of its own nature.
  • Shows the need for change and change management.
  • It derives strength from indivudual differences.
  • It helps to create a team vision that is internalized and consciously designed.
  • Different levels of reality between team members are determined.

Being a team,
means getting higher results than the sum of what members can do individually.