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Coaching & Drama & Corporate Training

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     The concept of coaching relates to the potential of a person, a team or an organization. This potential must be recognized and carried forward to move  a person to a goal which  is important to him.

     Coaching is based on the philosophy that everyone can develop their potential and move to a better place than the starting point. With a change of personality, everyone can move to a new and better place from where they are.

     There is a need to recognize for understanding the potential, the priorities and the goals of the person or the teams. The best is to listen to all the voices of the system in their own mouths, with various evaluation methods to do them.

     What do you say to lift the locks in front of the potential of you, your team, and your company, knowing that listening is important as well as what is said and could not be said?

Corporate Training

     As in every aspect of corporate life, productivity is essential in education.

    If education starts with the need for diagnosis, then the right step is taken. The observed performance obligation must be clearly defined. Then comes the question of how needs analysis should be. The analysis method is applied according to the determined criteria and then the data is collected. The collected data is analyzed in terms of closing the performance gap observed in the first stage. The action plan should be entered after the relevant feedback.

     As you can see, it is much more than implementing a training, the work behind it is critical.

     How does it come to your ears to provide the performance change that your colleagues anticipate and to direct your institution to your desired goals?

     Since 2013, we are doing exactly that with our 10,000+ participants and 6000+ hours / training experience.

Creative Drama

     The Dutch historian J. Hulzinga say  in his novel “Homo Ludens” – the human being who plays the game-,  “a game is the beginning of everything on the earth.”

     In a game that the boundaries are set as time,  space and also with specific rules, the door to the emotions, which is the key of the permanent memory will open. We get rid of all the limitations while playing. Even from ourselves. Our negative awareness goes away. We put our features on the edge in a way that we fear that our past negative experiences will make us mistaken. This mood leads the person to experience new things and to be open.

     It sends the message to the exact address given by creative drama, plan, preparation and improvisation, addressing all phases of the way the human brain works.

    Are we playing games in an environment where people are separated from the flow of everyday life, where entertainment and thought are experienced in a playing format?

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