Corporate Coaching

There are two concepts you can know about financial reporting; real entity and legal entity …
Living as a real person, you need everything you need in your company.

Just as a person needs to live, feed properly, invest in a quality education, need social partnerships and health care when needed, the institutional structure shows similar needs.

We support your need to hear these needs, do what you need and achieve a healthier company structure.

Enterprise coaching / consultancy demanded by large corporate firms also requires for  SMEs. As an ex-banker, I can say with 30 years of experience that focused on business / finance corporate operational cycle in many industries, we have to concentrate on the healthy transition of our companies to the second and third generations.

By co-operating with our national and international solution partners, we support your company while analyzing the existing culture and determining the target cultural structure required to reach its goals. After the study, we present the relevant reports to you for evaluation and we are on your way with you to the end.