He is human resources management consultant, organization and relationship system coach, assessor and creative drama leader. He has been working andragogy with drama, system thinking, change management and related fields. He takes care to increase the awareness of individuals and organizations by bringing different approaches together. He believes the necessity of honoring similarities in life, respecting differences and enriching with the converge of diversity.

Ugur Emiroglu was born in Istanbul and graduated from Istanbul University Economics Faculty. (English-1991). He received the Executive MBA degree from Istanbul Bilgi University and Manchester Business School joint program in 2002.

His first step in business life was in education time, in Capital Markets,1989. Until 1994, he worked for a leading securities company as Dealer, Broker and Central Branch Manager.

Following his military service, he held various managerial positions in banking sector for 22 years.
Last five years, he served as Human Resources Training and Management Consultant (A) to Turkish Economy Bank. (TEB, a joint venture of BNP Paribas) During this period, he guided / took part in the many projects such as Multi Channel Customer Relationship Management (MCCRM), Learning Map, SME and Corporate Banking Legal Compliance, SME Banking Risk Management, Strategic Sales and Gender Based Banking.

Related training and coaching / mentoring activities prepared and implemented by him. During this time, he trained, gave coaching and mentoring service to 10,000 employees for 4000+ hours and earned the title of Master Trainer.

Ugur Emiroglu certified by The British Psychological Society as Assessor, also worked on many assessment projects within the TEB area.

In 2015, he received the Creative Drama Leadership Award from the Istanbul Drama Academy of Arts. He has prepared his graduation thesis on “Adult Education with Creative Drama Method in Corporates”. He has studies on Andragogy – Adult Learning.

His areas of coaching expertise;

Transition coaching to support employees stepping into larger roles.

Raising self – awareness and confidence.

Gaining clarity about career plans

Building Open- net communications among team members

Unfolding Toxic relationship and clear away

Gender Intelligence and Behaviors

He is a member of ICF, (International Coaching Federation) and Global ORSC Community.